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Ariel Sharon park - Hiriya

Rehabilitation of the Hiriya landfill and its transformation into a park and recycling facility.

Once a symbol of environmental negligence, The Hiriya garbage dump and its surroundings have been transformed into a source of inspiration.

On the top of the hill two underground water reservoirs were constructed, above which trees and plants were planted. The water reservoirs are filled in the winter with rain water, so that during the summer the roots of the trees reach the water and feed on the reservoir water and do not need irrigation. The Green Way installed underground piping to collect biogas, which was created from the biodegradation of the waste in the landfill, and to transport it to the recycling park at the foot of the mountain.

The materials we used were all recycled materials such as a rock garden made from discarded concrete blocks; The paving of the area and the paths was done using shredded concrete and much more.

We built observation decks shaded by pergolas made of special wood that was commissioned in Italy in order to withstand heavy loads that stemmed from the outsized length of the beams.

Pergolas and other wooden benches were installed and combined with local trees and vegetation planted on top of the hill.

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