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Peres Park - Holon

Within the framework of a large project to build a new sports center and commercial center, work was carried out by The Green Way, which included development works, earthworks, drainage, water lines, parking, a bus terminal, sidewalks, lighting systems, irrigation systems and landscape. In addition, a 4500 square meter boating canal was renovated.

The project was done in stages, with many of its areas constantly open to the public. Renovation of the boating canal entailed integrating the restoration of concrete structures, waterproofing, underwater ceramic floor tile installation and intricate new water systems with pumps, filters, lighting and fountains.

The Green Way management team supervised a multitude of workers, sub-contractors and suppliers, coordinating a finely-tuned management program and allowing for simultaneous work in a variety of tasks, e.g. dismantling the old waterproof lining, renovating the concrete, the waterfall, replacing water systems and waterproofing, architectural stone covering, lighting systems, ceramic tiling with epoxy mortar, special filtering system, extensive earthworks, fencing, walls, drainage and water systems, sidewalks, stairs, irrigation systems, planting, and much more.

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