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  • Construction of Gardens & Parks

  • Earthworks, Digging and Filling

  • Execution of Water Infrastructure, Drainage, Electricity and Lighting

  • Development Work, Erection of Walls, Paved Paths, and more

  • Construction of Pergolas, Benches, Decks, and Seating Areas

  • Garden Furniture, Outdoor Fitness Equipment and Playground Equipment

  • Gardening and Irrigation Systems

  • Maintenance of Landscape and Green Areas for Public and Municipal Authorities

  • Litter Raking and Removal Work

  • Performance of Regular Maintenance in Parks, Gardens and Green Areas

  • Operation and Maintenance of Irrigation Systems

  • Treatment, Trimming, Pruning, and Transplanting of Trees

  • Rehabilitation and Renewal of Irrigation Systems, Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Gardens

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